RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV is an application that allows creating an RPG having no special knowledge or unique skills.

RPG Maker MV

Just few examples of interface inside the software:

RPG Maker MV interface

RPG Maker MV character

RPG Maker MV feature

How to use RPG Maker MV and where to find the tutorial

RPG Maker MV is the improved version of RPG Maker VX Ace. Similarly to the previous application, it doesn’t require deep knowledge of programming and game design. In order to work with the application, one needs to have at least some experience working with scripts (and there’s no problem if you never tried to work with them). In case if you know how to use automatic clickers, you will face no obstacles during the operation of the program. You can also use this page to find and watch the RPG Maker MV tutorial.

Check out this video tutorial playlist (30 videos):

Here is one more tutorial series (46 videos). A distinctive feature of this guide is that the author creates his own game:


RPG Maker MV almost offer the same set of features as the previous version; however, this application offers improved tools and instruments. The main feature of this version is the support of newer Windows versions, thus it can be used by the happy owners of Windows 7 and upper versions. In order to create the virtual world, one also needs to make a virtual map, and ‘inhabit’ it with various characters, defining their actions, and assigning tasks according to the scenario and the story.

Please watch this trailer to learn some info about the software:

Users of the previous version of the application were able to use the integrated audiovisual templates. This version offers an extended collection of resources; however, one can still create their own objects from the scratch in order to use them in the game. Furthermore, the application offers another great feature, i.e. the classical isometric camera can be now used in the side-view mode. In order to activate it, one needs to check a specific item in the settings. We kindly recommend you watching RPG Maker MV tutorial in order to get more familiar with the application and its features.

Key Features

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